Rick Stein visits Bobby's, Leicester

"Rick Stein has hailed the “magic” of Leicester’s food scene during a whirlwind tour of the city for his new BBC series. The much-loved celebrity chef even labelled one of Leicester’s most beloved restaurants as the “Indian version of the Ritz”.

Rick sampled the delights of Leicester in his new BBC Two series, Rick Stein’s Food Stories, with Monday’s episode (February 12) looking into the dishes of the Midlands and their history. The celebrity chef said the region had always “been on the front foot” and hailed Leicester as being the “epicentre of the British Indian food scene”.

The final stop was Bobby’s, Leicester’s first fully vegetarian restaurant in the city’s Golden Mile. Its Bollywood-inspired interior reflects the glamour of the place, with Gurdeep inviting Rick to afternoon tea - but with an Indian and Gujarati twist.

The first delight was a mango shrikhand - a decadent yoghurt-like dish - he hailed as “lovely”, before he was tempted to taste a burfi. The condensed milk sweet translates to snow, with Rick given a coconut burfi that he gave the thumbs up to as well."

Rick was especially complimentary of the Bobby’s offerings. He said: “It’s sort of like an Indian version of the Ritz, isn’t it? Lovely tea, loads of stuff. A sense of occasion.”

"Leicester as a whole earned high praise from the acclaimed chef too. He said: “Leicester’s vibrant food scene shows the magic that can happen when two food cultures collide. It’s the place to be for the best Indian food, honestly.”"

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