Reimagining the UK's oldest vegetarian Indian restaurant

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"Conceived as a scene from the iconic 60s Bollywood film, Bobby's celebrates the identity of a generation."

The Story
Dharmesh Lakhani
143m2 (1539.24sq.ft)
Architecture & Interior Design

Bobby’s, a pioneering restaurant on Leicester’s‘Golden Mile’, briefed Faber to create a whole customer experience; from redesigning the interior and exterior of the building to the napkins, staff clothing and food presentation.

Inspired by a cultural moment and the Bollywood classic, Bobby; the new design needed to retain this iconic theme, and capture the history and spirit of not only the restaurant, but also its late founder,Mr Lakhani.

We wanted the customer to feel an emotional connection to the legacy of Mr Lakhani and the design to leave a lasting impression.

Taking inspiration from the Bollywood classic,Bobby, but not wanting a ‘themed restaurant’; the interior visual language is derived from that of the movie – even down to fabrics, colours and patterns.

We’ve referenced the iconic outfit worn by Bobby with polka dot fabrics and the whole design feels very feminine, with lots of soft, curved edges.

A new deli counter stocked with colourful Indian sweets and delicate savoury pastries creates a nostalgic, candy-store atmosphere as you enter the restaurant, reinforced via the retro cinema-style signage, brass detailing, sugary pastel tones and booth seating.

The space wouldn’t feel out of place in the actual film and it is this level of customer experience that we wanted to achieve.

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