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Faber and Company specialise in the design and creation of one-off, location-specific restaurants and hospitality venues. From our studio and workshops, we craft Immersive HospitalityTM experiences; designed to engage with meaning and emotion.


Immersive Hospitality™

Using design to conceive a complete hospitality journey; from the moment the guest enters through the door, every detail and touch point is considered. From what the staff are wearing, to the interior, how the food is presented, to the music playing in the background, the design of the menus … we define a feeling, an emotional landscape, within which we craft an experience.

"We define a feeling, an emotional landscape, within which we craft an experience"

Tony Matters

Creative Director

Founded by designer Tony Matters, in 2013, our approach places equal importance on the conception and realisation of an idea. Stemming from Tony’s background in designing and making;

‘During my training and early career, I spent as much time in the workshop as I did in front of a computer. The belief that an idea is only as good as its implementation has always been a strongly held belief. The fact that much of our work looks as good today as it did the day it was finished is, in my view, testament to our ability to create timeless interiors.’

Our Clients

Simon Rogan


With design playing an increasingly important role in the presentation of food on Bocuse d’Or’s international stage, we’ve been delighted to partner with Faber for Team UK’s platter design. Over a period of four years, Tony and his team have developed a clear understanding of what makes a successful platter—both creatively and technically. This year, we’ve seen yet another significant step forward. The design for the platter demonstrates how a story can be told in the way we present food, elevating traditional British values while looking to the future with clarity and optimism.

We worked with Simon Rogan designing tableware during his tenure as President of the Bocuse d'Or for Team UK.

Adam Stokes

Michelin starred chef
"We’ve worked with Tony and the team at Faber for 8 years now over 3 projects. Each time, they have elevated the concept to an impressive level, really pushing the boundaries of design. Faber closely monitor the works on site to see the project through to its fruition, on time and to the highest standard. The support that Tony and the team have given us, has without a doubt helped us to progress at the restaurants."

We worked with Adam on his first ‘pop-up’, his flagship restaurant Adam’s and created his new seafood restaurant, The Oyster Club.

Aktar Islam

Michelin starred chef
"Having worked with Tony and the team at Faber on numerous projects, I’ve always been impressed with the end result of their work. They listen to my ideas and interpret my vision, yet also bring their own creativity to a project."

We worked with Aktar on the Indian fine dining restaurant, Lasan; we also created Izza, his sourdough pizza pop-up for Selfridges.

Andreas Antona

Michelin starred chef
"Tony and the team at Faber have done a fantastic job. As specialist F&B designers, they’ve definitely brought fresh ideas to the Bocuse d’Or; in fact I would go as far as to say this is the best platter design the UK has ever had. I look forward to working with them going forwards to continue their involvement in the future success of the Bocuse d’Or and team UK."

We worked with Andreas as part of the Bocuse d’Or Team UK.

Alex Claridge

owner and chef
"The brief was no mean feat and it’s taken blood, sweat and tears but Faber have risen to the challenge and created the most distinctive bar and restaurant in the city. We couldn’t be happier with the result and the venue stands testament to the incredible work ethic, grit and talent of Tony and his team."

We worked with Alex on the creation of his avante garde concept restaurant, Nocturnal Animals

Jamie Desogus

owner and chef
"The Faber team have been a delight to work with over the years. In a high pressure pot of opening a restaurant they have a knack for bringing a calming influence to the design that helps bring a vision to life."

We worked with Jamie on his first restaurant, Harborne Kitchen, and have since worked on other projects including a private dining room with open kitchen.

Andrea Scarpati

owner and chef
"Having Tony and his team on board has been the best choice ever, actually it was a real pleasure. They have turned Sapori into an elegant and intimate restaurant, just what we wanted and missed. The Transformation has been well beyond our expectations. Grazie di cuore."

We worked with Andrea and wife Cristina on the redesign of their Italian fine dining restaurant, Sapori

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