Behind the Scenes at Faber: Meet Aimée

At Faber, we’re pretty good at sharing the amazing work we do through our Portfolio pages. But, we thought it was high time we allowed you a peek at our inner workings; a closer look at the team responsible for making the magic happen; who they are, what they do – plus 10 quickfire questions to see what really makes them tick.

Aimée, our Graphic Designer, started off as a placement student at Faber where she moved from Nottingham to Birmingham to be part of the team. Now, three years after graduating she’s still here! She currently lives in the city centre with her three Guinea Pigs, Hector, Hamish and Horis, but is in the process of buying her first flat in Lichfield - hoping for a more relaxed lifestyle.

She loves the close-knit, jovial atmosphere we’ve cultivated here and has been able to really expand her growing skillset and become a key part of the team. 

Aimee is inspired by playful graphics, an example being Eat Offbeat by Pentagram. “The typographic style is very simple but a clever twist makes the brandmark itself sit offbeat, a perfect opportunity for a fun animation!”. 


In her spare time, you’ll probably find her working away at one of her many creative hobbies, such as knitting and embroidery or soaking up a good graphics book.

How would you describe yourself in three words?

Determined, organised, tea-addict.

What is your greatest achievement?

Probably working my way to where I am now, and most recently buying my first home by myself!

What made you want to become a graphic designer?

Wow, that's a long story. I started off in interior design at uni and did my placement at Faber in interiors. Then when I came back after graduating I moved into the FF&E Buying and Styling role which I did for 2 years. During that time I started to pick up graphics work for our restaurant clients, I absolutely loved it and now do graphics and marketing full time with a few designs for trade show stands added into the mix! As I’ve covered three different roles during my time at Faber I’m often called in to help out on all sorts of things! 

What is your favourite Faber project?

I’d say the book I designed for Bobby’s Restaurant, Cook with Love. The client approached us after we designed their restaurant, Bobby’s, a few years ago, wanting to tell their story and share their recipes through a book. I designed the concept for the design and layout and also designed the cover. It’s turned out to be a really lovely piece which encapsulates the family's story and recipes. 

What is your feel-good song?

Probably Paloma Faith’s cover of Never Tear Us Apart. It seems to be a firm favourite no matter what mood I’m in.

If you could travel to anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

I’ve never been to Paris! From the image I have in my mind of relaxed mornings eating croissants and sipping tea on a little Parisian balcony before exploring the streets of the city of lights. Sounds perfect to me! 

How would you describe your perfect weekend?

On the English coast, walks along the beach, paddling in the sea (with wellies on of course!) and collecting shells and sea glass. Then, later on, getting chips and sitting on the harbour wall, before retreating to somewhere with an open fire and a view over the sea.

What are you most afraid of?

Spiders [shudders]. Not a fan of flying either!

Pet hates?

Strangers telling you to smile in the street. I’d look a bit crazy if I walked around grinning all the time. 

What three items could you not live without?

TEA!!, potatoes (chips, crisps, roasties - the possibilities are endless), guinea pigs (pretty much furry potatoes in themselves).

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