The Experience Journal: Stockholm

On a recent trip away, our FF&E Designer Grace explored the city of Stockholm; the home of exceptional design and cool aesthetics. Being a hive of inspiration, she brought back plenty of ideas and images to share with the rest of the team and a full account to share with our readers! 

Restaurang Prinsen

Restaurang Prinsen 

I personally believe that the best way to explore a new city is to live like the locals. Take on their eating habits, explore the local neighbourhoods and get to know one another over a drink. The Restaurang Prinsen was the perfect place to encapsulate this way of dining. Located in the luxurious area of Ostermalm, Restaurang Prinsen has been running for over 127 years, serving traditional Swedish cuisine, which therefore felt only right to order their classic dish of swedish meatballs, creamy mash potatoes, lingonberries, pickled cucumber and of course traditional gravy! Served alongside a lovely bottle of red wine and a stack (literally, a stack) of warm bread, we didn’t want the meal to end! Taking our time, we enjoyed the space we were sitting within; traditional wooden panelling, stained glass windows, steps housed within joinery to reach the many bottles of wine and classic white uniforms the staff wore. Ending the evening with a complimentary glass of red wine, we spoke to our waiter about the history of the restaurant, the area and attempted to learn a few key words in the Swedish language. For a warm, friendly and classic experience - I would highly recommend making a visit to Restaurang Prinsen. Skål! 

Bistro Leoparden

Bistro Leoparden 

After a few glasses of natural orange wine up the road at Savant Bar, we made our way for dinner at Bistro Leoparden. Following the bright yellow light that sits on the facade of the building, you know you’re in the right place! Its iconic yellow branding doesn’t stop there, as it loops around the entire bar as a neon light, making the central area a key focus for all diners and drinkers. There’s no escaping boldness at Bistro Leoparden; with peach pink painted walls and ceilings, cobalt blue dining chairs and tables, large yellow pizza oven and diagonal patterned neon ceiling lights - the space still exudes warmth whilst maintaining playfulness. Combining a stunning interior with delicious stone-baked pizzas, and wine on tap (!), it’s clear as to why Bistro Leoparden is popular with the locals! 


Coffee Shops 

Fika is the delicious custom of Sweden; a sweet afternoon treat (usually a cinnamon bun) with tea or coffee. Allowing swedes to make time with friends, family or work colleagues to catch-up and take time away from their usual day. This is a custom I can truly get on board with, and with the various stunning coffee shops dotted around the city, we were spoilt for choice! Lykke Coffee shop was on the list of places to visit - again due to its boldness in colour and fun aesthetic. Using primary colours, plants, fun merchandise to purchase and delicious treats to taste. 

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