The Creative Round-up : July

As we spend a lot of time keeping ourselves up to date with the design industry, through mediums such as magazines, blogs and the news, we tend to come across a lot of projects that catch our eye and really draw us in. The Creative Roundup is a new series where we share projects we've discovered and feel are worth shouting about, focusing on all areas of the design industry from architecture to graphic design, fashion to fine art.


The first project we’re loving this month is fixlts by Chris Lefteri. fixIts are compostable plastic sticks, which can be hand-moulded when submerged in 60°C water. Their purpose is to mould around items to fix them as opposed to throwing them away, allowing for a more positive impact on the environment. Lefteri says “‘it’s no longer going to be about using guilt as an emotion to drive consumers to think twice about their carbon footprint, it’s about making recycling fun, desirable and driving an approach that means you want to do good rather than the traditional approach of thinking that you should do good.”

We love the simple effectiveness of the product, offering a solution to a range of different issues in everyday items.


Another project we discovered this month is Kaffeeform created by German designer Julian Lechner, which involves reusing coffee grounds from local cafes to produce coffee cups. The process of making these cups involves combining coffee grounds, natural glues and particles of wood to produce a liquid which is then ready to be injection-moulded into cups. It offers an innovative way of reusing materials which would otherwise be disposed of, to create a beautiful product, furthering the life cycle of the coffee beans. As avid coffee drinkers here at Faber, we’re definitely a big fan of this concept!

Canopy, Jackson Square

An interior-based project we’ve stumbled upon this month is the new Canopy shared workspace, based in downtown San Francisco. This space spans 13,000 square feet with areas suited to various working styles, featuring private offices and open-plan desks areas. We love the concept of co-working spaces. They provide the perfect place for creatives to gain inspiration and knowledge from each other, offering an inviting community to those who need a space to work. The actual design of the space really draws us in – the contrast between the pastel feminine tones and the black textures really adds a contemporary look to the interior.

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