The Creative Round-up : December

As we spend a lot of time keeping ourselves up to date with the design industry, through mediums such as magazines, blogs and the news, we tend to come across a lot of projects that catch our eye and really draw us in. The Creative Roundup is a new series where we share projects we've discovered and feel are worth shouting about, focusing on all areas of the design industry from architecture to graphic design, fashion to fine art.

The Life Clock

The Life Clock is a clock designed by Korean company SWNA which incorporates an emergency survival kit for use during natural disasters. It was designed after a spate of natural catastrophes in the country, where most inhabitants didn’t have any of the appropriate survival equipment. The aim was to design something stylish which could easily fit into any home environment, without making its primary purpose obvious. We love the stylish, minimalistic look of the clock which is designed to look like a normal everyday object, until it needs to be opened in emergency situations. Its practicality provides the perfect fit for a generation of consumers that favour multi-purpose items, for a minimalistic, de-cluttered life.

Gudak Camera App

Gudak is an iPhone app which acts in the same way as a disposable camera, allowing you to take and edit photographs with random light-leaks and a retro-looking filters to mimic the look of analogue photography. The viewfinder is 95% smaller than the normal screen and users are able to take 24 shots per ‘film’, which reloads an hour after taking the final photograph. Rather than allowing an instant review of the photographs taken, the user must wait three full days before they can be seen. Whilst this may seem odd, with limited shots and a long waiting time, it allows the user to focus on the beauty of the subject they’re photographing and be more considerate of how they go about capturing their images. The excitement of having to wait to view the photographs taps into a sense of nostalgia, harking back to a time where digital photography didn’t take centre stage.

Salt Sculptures by Sigalit Landau

Salt Years is a project by artist Sigalit Landau which features a variety of items suspended in a hypersaline body of water, causing them to encrust in salt. Each object has its own story and a personal connection to Landau; from boots to ballet dresses, stretchers to bikes, crossing over from topographical, historical, biblical, cultural, political and environmental realms. She comments: “The years of working with the heavy liquid solution of the dead sea are connected not only to my personal and physical memories, but also to long gone memories of landscapes covered with snow and to a process of mourning; seeking to heal and to repair something through this dialogue with nature.” We love the use of a natural process to create these sculptures, highlighting the beauty of nature and its artistic capabilities.

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