The Chef's Designer - How Adam's became No.1 in the UK

Tony Matters, A.K.A The Chef’s Designer, talks candidly, examining restaurant design and the success of restaurants.

How Adam’s became number one in the UK and 10th in the world!

Of the 5 star reviews left on Tripadvisor; 98% reference the food, 77% referenced the staff or service and 61%, the interior decor, style, atmosphere or ‘whole experience’ within their summary of the restaurant.

Adam explained; “My customers come expecting next level dining and as a chef you do feel pressure to ensure that each plate of food is perfect, but, what I’ve found over the years is that their ‘dining experience’ can also be affected by the other ‘stuff’ that features alongside the food itself.  

“Yes, my focus is on ensuring my food retains the Michelin star status, but I can’t attribute our recent UK number one ranking entirely down to the food. I’m lucky to have a team of professionals who understand that alongside fine food, there has to be exquisite service and a visual and atmospheric setting to match.”

Tony added: “My job is to design and craft out the customers’ journey; from entering to leaving the restaurant, it all has to fit with the style, ethos and personality of the food to give that holistic experience. Not only thinking about the interior layout, acoustics, aesthetics, but also details such as the presentation of the menu, style of tableware and the image that staff uniforms portray.

“You can see from the Tripadvisor reviews that it is this extra consideration and detail applied across the food, service and interior that has ranked Adam’s number one.”

A selection of the reviews that earnt Adam’s its UK Traveller’s Choice Award...

NigelG85 Impeccable service and wonderful ambiance.

978JulesS From the first moment the welcome and ambiance was exceptional, and that was before the food. I can only exclaim over the taste, presentation and sheer joy that followed.

Revduncan The welcome and ambiance were first class - very conducive to a good dining experience.

ChristineH The atmosphere is sophisticated, but at the same time relaxed

7trent Beautiful food and a great atmosphere! Will definitely be returning!!

310319 From start to finish this place was simply faultless. When we entered the restaurant it had such a classy feel to it and the service was amazing. Each dish was incredible.

John G Personally we love the comfortable stylish interior which is acoustically spot on to allow private conversation to remain at the table.

Platpeeps The restaurant was virtually full and there was a wonderful atmosphere. Buzzy, but not loud or irritating .... A wonderful treat!

CKHC Outrageously good food! The food, service and atmosphere was excellent.

Bobnpat82 This wasn’t, by any means, a low cost meal, but it was an experience - an experience that both of us thoroughly enjoyed

Shezmcgc16 What an experience, an amazing night full of superb food, service, ambience like no other.

Tamgo This isn’t just a meal out , it’s a whole experience of fine dining.

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