Sketchbook: Legacy at The Grand

Located within the Edwardian splendour of The Grand, York's only five-star hotel, the brief for Legacy was to create an intimate fine-dining experience that would be clearly differentiated from the larger hotel restaurant. 

The design needed to respect the history of the building, originally the headquarters of the North East Railway Company. Considering how the new should relate to the old was a key consideration.

Firstly, we had to ask the question; how do we create meaningful difference between this and the main restaurant? Not simply using different decor, but creating a different type of experience?

Secondly, we set ambitions for the project; localism and sustainability were central to the ethos, without sacrificing a sense of luxury.

The design is built around a narrative; paying homage to the movement that created this building. Differentiation is achieved through the use of ‘lounge style’ seating; wide chairs and sofas, made to the height of a standard dining chair. Furniture and lighting are bespoke and locally sourced, many parts of the interior were restored and re-used. Careful consideration of detail elevates the space to give a feeling of luxury.

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