Nocturnal Animals: What’s the secret to its success?

Find out as Faber hosts the next ‘Restaurant & Bar Design Awards’ talk and introduces you to its latest design concept for renowned chef, Alex Claridge…

19th February @ Nocturnal Animals, Birmingham

Strictly invite only: click here to register your interest

Inspired by 80's pop culture, Nocturnal Animals offers a culinary journey with ingenious drinks, bold flavours and an afternoon tea unlike any before. Fun, playful, provocative, an ethos instilled into everything!

Faber delivered the design project, from concept to launch, in November 2018 and is already delivering results.

Tony Matters, Faber: “We really enjoyed working with Alex. It was such an ambitious project and we knew we needed to push the boundaries with the design.

“The initial concept emerged out of a collaborative process - and a conversation about a Spotify playlist - but it was then one of the rare occasions we had freedom on the creative direction.”

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