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As part of Pub & Bar magazine's 'workwear and uniforms' feature, Tony was asked to comment on the importance of staff uniforms and how to create a look that suits the brand.

Tony Matters, Founder, Faber Design:

“The industry is so competitive now that branding is everything if you want to stand out.

“Customers no longer just want a drink or meal, they want a complete experience and the image that the staff create plays a vital role in facilitating this.

“Creating a complete, seamless experience builds lasting relationships with customers. The food is always central to the concept, but the package has to be about so much more than just the food.

“From a designers point of view, we need to curate a whole concept, not just an interior. Some clients are still behind the curve with this and it can be a challenge to get them to think about their restaurant as part of a bigger entity - a brand that needs a cohesive narrative across all the customer touchpoints.

“We look to tell a story; from the moment a customer enters the building or visits the website, until the moment they leave. Everything your customer comes into contact with needs to be considered and designed as part of the brand. Staff uniforms and table settings should receive as much attention as the interior and obviously the food.”

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