Creative Roundup: November 2022

A few of our favourite things...

Red Herring. Image Source: Downtowner

Who loves a huge nouveau Art deco mural wall in Los Angeles has a beautiful Art deco tropical mural wall in their restaurant that we absolutely adore! The theme of the restaurant is tropical flair mixed with vintage Hollywood glam created by Dave Woodall and Alexis Martin Woodall – We love.

Pink Mamma Paris. Image Source: Culturellement Votre

PINK MAMMA - You got to see this!Part of the Big Mamma group in South Pigalle. Over four floors, yes FOUR! Where each level has its own identity from street level to the rooftops. Serving up Italian food in the heart of Pigalle and is Paris's most beautiful restaurant, it's certainly one to put on your list whenever you visit Paris.This is the dining room on the top floor that turns out to be the most impressive, strewn with plants under a massive glass roof and jaw-dropping design throughout!

The Siren Hotel. Image Source: Detroit News

THE SIREN HOTEL...WOW! Design development firm ASH NYC overhauled a derelict historical building in downtown Detroit with the help of Quinn Evans Architects to create The Siren Hotel. The design of the hotel's interiors mixes details from the building's past with bold colours and luxurious materials. Very little historical detail remained in the building's lobby, so Heckman's team referred to an article from 1926 that described the space as it looked then in order to recreate it. Amongst the hotel's numerous food and beverage spaces is a restaurant named Albena, which represents a minimal departure from the decadent style employed throughout much of the building.

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