Creative Roundup: March 2020

Welcome to the Creative Roundup, our monthly digest of cool things from the world of interior design and hospitality...

Silo London

A project we love this month is Silo - the first zero-waste restaurant in London and the second site for forward-thinking chef Douglas McMaster. Everything within the space has been carefully considered, from the host stand made out of timber offcuts to the pendant light created from foraged seaweed. Ingredients used are all locally produced and farmed, with pickling and fermentation, baking and butter churning all being completed on-site. Any leftover food is composted and waste glass is crushed and given to the local potter to make into ceramics. We recognise the importance of considering sustainability when designing restaurants, trying to avoid contributing to negative environmental impact and, in turn, appealing to a wider audience. This is not really a trend; more of a cultural shift that reflects the changing attitudes of the consumer.

Fosbury & Sons

Whilst most of our projects are hospitality based, we also have a strong interest in workspace design, exploring how agencies successfully design spaces to enable maximum productivity for those who use them. Fosbury & Sons is a co-working space designed by Going East, which is located within a 1970s modernist building in Brussels. Each element within the workspace has been designed to allow a cosy, welcoming feel, combining cool & warm materials, original timber flooring and metallic hues to reflect the greens from the surrounding forest. We love the warmth of the space, allowing a productive area along with cosy chill areas to highlight the need to rest during the busy work day.

VyTA Restaurant

VyTA is an Italian restaurant located in Covent Garden’s east tower, taking up 4000 square feet on three levels. The interior design is inspired by the architectural style from Italy in the 1960’s, combining geometric stylisations such as the dynamic polychrome marble floors and more elegant features, including velvet fixed seating encased in gold detailing. All of these design elements contribute to an impressive space, one which is definitely on our list to visit.

The Space Between

The Space Between is a yoga studio based in Dublin, Ireland and was designed by Jordan Ralph Design. The interior was inspired by the yoga pose Shavasana, where participants lie on their back with their arms and legs spread to the side, done at the end of a session to relax. The minimal style works perfectly for its purpose, allowing attendees to completely switch off during the practice allowing no additional distractions.

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