Creative Roundup: February 2023


A bar designed to look like it has been there forever was the design brief for Bar Americano. A palette of warm natural materials have been chosen to age over time to create a unique patina. We love how the classic design still feels light and modern.


A 1940's theatre has been renovated into a space for women in leadership roles to form a community. The bold colour palette has been chosen to connect to the traditional members clubs. The interior uses lots of furniture pieces and artwork designed by women as well as a wall of signatures from previous hosts at the theatre.


The menu of Ikoyi pairs British produce with West African spices which has also influenced the interior. The metal mesh which curves from the ceiling down over the windows was inspired by the spice production process. The custom furniture and built in joinery were built using British oak.


Naked and Famous Bar aims to explore different emotions in each room with a range of bold colours and a variety of lighting styles. The aim of the design was to reflect the taste sensations of the cocktails the bar has to offer in order to intensify the experience of drinking the cocktail.


The playful décor of this restaurant is inspired by its namesake, RAFI which is a acronym for the four children's names of owners Ben Carroll and Hamish Watts. Colourful and patterned artwork and cushions have been added alongside patterned tiles and oversized lighting to create a sense of fun.

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