Behind the Scenes at Faber: Meet Kally

At Faber, we’re pretty good at sharing the amazing work we do through our Portfolio pages. But we thought it was high time we allowed you a peek at our inner workings to take a look at the team responsible for making the magic happen…Here we find out who they all are and what they do at Faber, but perhaps more importantly we’ve thrown in ten quickfire questions to see what really makes them tick!

Kally, our Associate Designer, joined Faber back in 2017 after moving from Surrey. She currently lives just outside Worcester with her partner and a mischievous three-year-old, preferring the quieter life to the hustle and bustle of London!


She loves the creative process at Faber—designers have complete ownership of their own projects, cultivating their ideas from the outset. And after working freelance for a variety of London practices, she knows that isn’t always the case…Kally also likes the diversity of projects—from luxury restaurants to more laid-back coffee bars, there's always something new to get her teeth into!


A big fan of Mediterranean and Minimalist design (the whole ‘less is more’ approach) she loves incorporating natural elements in patterns, textures, and contrast—bringing an element of the outside in.


In her spare time, Kally enjoys being with family and friends, exploring new places, and planning her next house project! 


How would you describe yourself in three words?

‍Sociable, sarcastic, and easy-going.

‍What’s your greatest achievement?

‍Becoming a mum!

What made you want to become an interior designer?

‍Growing up we moved house a total of 16 times! We were always moving into a dilapidated house, making it beautiful, then moving on. I loved seeing how a space could be transformed and fostered my love for design from there.

‍What’s your favourite Faber project?

‍Too many! The George, Vietnamese Street Kitchen, and Tales of Tea, to name a few—I love the story behind them. 

What’s your feel-good song?

The Chain by Fleetwood Mac. My parents were big Fleetwood Mac fans growing up, so any song of theirs brings back memories…

If you could travel to anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Somewhere in East Africa to go on safari!

How would you describe your perfect weekend?

‍It used to be late nights and lie-ins! But now I’d much rather get up early and do something—whether it be seeing friends and family, a long (and slow with a toddler) walk up the Malvern Hills, or visiting a Cotswold market town I’ve never been to. Not forgetting a takeaway, bottle of wine, and Netflix film on a Saturday night, of course!

What are you most afraid of?

‍Waking up every morning to see what ‘present’ the cats have brought me…

Pet hates?

‍Middle-lane drivers and people that stand up on a plane the second it lands! Why, just why?!

‍What three items could you not live without?

‍Coffee, Netflix, and my ‘little man’ Jacob.

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