The Rosarium

Interior design for an immersive restaurant experience

Interior Design
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Lighting Design
Turnkey Project

“Inspired by the quintessential English gardens of the Lewis Carroll era, The Rosarium combines narrative and theatre to deliver an immersive experience.”

The Story
Labyrinth Venues Limited
Interior Design, Graphic Design, Lighting Design, Turnkey Project

Created to sit alongside (well actually, on top of) the world-renowned Olivier-nominated immersive show, Alice’s Adventures Underground by Les Enfants Terribles, the brief for The Rosarium was to create a standalone restaurant that is a nod to the world of Alice but without being too overt. As well as providing F&B for visitors to the show, the restaurant needed to standalone as a commercial entity.

Located within The Sidings, a new retail and leisure zone underneath Waterloo Station, the unit has two entrances; one from the street and the other from the retail mall. As well as flooding the space with light, this also provided an operational challenge to ensure ease of managing the flow of incoming customers.

The design draws inspiration from the quintessential English gardens of the Lewis Carroll era. Splitting the space into three different ‘gardens’, each with their own atmosphere; The Terrace, the light-filled space where you enter; The Glass House, with a central communal table that seats twenty; and The Secret Garden, an ethereal space where light shifts in colour, cycling through four seasons in one sitting.

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