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Branding and interior design for a multi-concept venue

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Turnkey Project

"Kerb Collective reimagines a large nightclub as three separate venues to cater from morning through to late-night."

The Story
Shoreditch Bar Group
Branding Design, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Lighting Design, Turnkey Project

Formerly the iconic Shoreditch nightclub, Cargo, the venue needed a major refurbishment. Not just a tired interior, the idea of a huge club catering to late-night drinkers faced challenges given the cultural shift away from such places.

Occupying three interconnected railway arches, with a large outside yard, the brief centred around making the most of its location to provide a multi-use venue with a range of offers from morning to late-night.

The design solution proposed creating three separate yet interconnected venues - one in each arch. Each venue would be given its own frontage in the courtyard, and its own name and visual identity.The over-arching identity, Kerb Collective, describes the experience of walking through ‘The Street’ to decide which venue you will visit. The first arch is home to Untitled - a relaxed all-day coffee and food spot, inspired by the artists studio - drawing direct reference to the myriad of original street art within the venue, including works by Banksy and Shepard Fairey.The second arch, BRCK, is a taproom and bar focusing on the home-grown E1 Brew Co product range.The third arch, Cosmos, is a late-night cocktail venue inspired by the images of space from the Hubble telescope.

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