Fillet of Soul

Branding and interior design for an artisan fish & chip shop

Graphic Design
Interior Design
Turnkey Project

"Fillet of Soul reinterprets the iconography and visual language of the British fish & chip shop."

The Story
Bitters n Twisted
Graphic Design, Interior Design, Branding Design, Turnkey Project

Transforming what was previously a BBQ and bourbon restaurant, Fillet of Soul is a new concept by Bitters n Twisted Venues which adapts an existing fit out and completely transforms it. With a focus on the craft of fish & chips, the brief called for a contemporary take on this familiar genre.

The design works with much of the existing interior, an approach to design that combines frugality with the considered use of existing materials and fittings. The challenge was to create a concept that felt uncompromised within these parameters.

The design takes the familiar visual style of the classic British fish & chip shop and reinterprets it; the blue and white stripes, so often associated with the seaside, have taken over the interior to add geometry and a dynamic sense of space. A large illuminated menu also acts as the primary source of lighting for the space and a stainless steel furniture clad with ceramic tiles provides a utlitarian colour pop.

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