Bia Vietnam

Branding and graphic design for a new Vietnamese draught beer brand

Graphic Design

"Tracing the map of Vietnam, the Bia dragon is the focal point for a brand inspired by Vietnamese street food."

The Story
Bia Vietnam
Branding, Graphic Design

Bia Vietnam is a new draught beer, created by the founders of VSK, the Vietnamese street food restaurant brand. Wanting to create a beer that complemented the flavours of their food, they took the leap to create their own beer.

Creating a flavour profile that works well alongside the spice and vibrant flavours of Vietnamese street food was a key driver in the creation of this draught beer. From a branding perspective, the visual identity needed to reference the values and culture of Vietnam.

The focal point for the brand is a hand illustrated dragon, created by tracing the outline of the map of Vietnam. The colour palette is derived from the flag of Vietnam and typography has an eroded appearance, referencing the street food origins of the product.