Award winning design for the world of food and drink.

Food brings people together. Celebrating the art and craft of the chef, the provenance of great produce, the joy of experiencing new cuisines and new cultures.

As designers, everything we do at Faber has food and drink at it’s heart.

Where did it all start?

So why restaurants, and why food and drink? Everything Faber does relates in some way to the restaurant and F&B industry. This stems from our founder, Tony Matters, who started Faber back in 2012 with just himself and a junior

In his own words:

‘I always knew design was my path. As a kid, I was always drawing; I was obsessed with it. When I realised what design was, at secondary school, I knew this was for me.

Alongside this was the food industry. I’m from Grimsby, a coastal town that was once the largest fishing port in the world. Every generation of my family was involved in the fishing industry, so as a youngster I worked on the fish docks and would visit Billingsgate fish market with my dad.

When I realised smelling of fish was not helping my love life, I started working in restaurants. First as a waiter, then doing stints in kitchens. I continued to do this throughout education and during my time at university studying design.

Fast forward fifteen years, to 2012; having had a varied early career in design, I was approached by Michelin starred chef Adam Stokes to design his first eponymous restaurant, in Birmingham.

This was a key moment. I’d designed restaurants before and always enjoyed it; but something about this project resonated. It was a lightbulb moment for me; I decided to throw everything I had into designing restaurants and relocating to Birmingham.

We’ve built a great team, without whom none of this would be possible. Finding the right people has been such an important part of our journey.

So what does the future look like?

We will continue to focus on our clients; their aspirations, their challenges, what they need to achieve their goals. We will continue to build our business aligned to this, continually learning and developing our expertise. And lastly, we will continue to value the relationships we have built; with our clients, with our trusted partners and industry colleagues.