Behind the scenes at Faber: Meet Brad

Through our Meet the Team series we give you a peek at our inner workings; a closer look at the team responsible for making the magic happen; who they are, what they do – plus quickfire questions to see what really makes them tick.

This is Brad, he is a Design Technician here at Faber. Originally from South Africa, Brad started his career as an Architectural Technician and CAD software lecturer in Durban. After emigrating he moved into Hotel Interior Design working on some incredible listed buildings in Singapore, London and Scotland.

At Faber, Brad works with our designers, taking their vision and translating it into technical drawings that inform the construction teams onsite or bespoke furniture makers.

As well as designing, Brad also likes to take a more hands approach; having embarked on three large scale property development projects, he is now studying a Welding and Fabrication Engineering course to help him restore a classic motorcycle.

When he is not at work or working on a restoration project, Brad can be found out with his two rescue dogs, Harley & Shelby, or training in the gym - did we mention he also spent a sabbatical training with the Thai fighters?!

Quickfire questions:

How would you describe yourself in three words?

Practical, Friendly and Laid-back.

What is your greatest achievement?

The complete design and build of ten high end apartments in an old Victorian house with a small team of skilled family and friends.

What made you want to become a design technician?

I really enjoy the process of creating something from nothing, especially in more practical aspects. It could be anything from a piece of furniture to an entire building. If I can see it being used and having function, I’m inspired to design it in the most effective way.

What is your favourite Faber project?KilderWhat is your feel-good song?

Take It Easy - Eagles

If you could travel to anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Sequoia National Park, California. It’s a dream of mine to get lost in the wilderness, surrounded by the giant redwoods.

How would you describe your perfect weekend?

Family, friends, pets, good food and cold beer.

What are you most afraid of?

My biscuit habit finally catching up with me.Pet hates?People using their speakerphone in quiet public places, and Reality TV.

What three items could you not live without?

My headphones, my Stanley knife and good strong coffee.